The John Tyler Libraries have complied a great collection of links to websites handy for students and researchers. Whether you are looking for citation help (Purdue OWL) or information on different countries (CIA World Factbook) or something else these links can save you time searching the web. They can be found by clicking the Delicious icon on our webpage (right beside the WordPress link!).

Here are some additional links you might enjoy:

  1. ArtCyclopedia Thousands of links to images and articles about artists and their works.
  2. Bio-Web “Your source for Molecular and Cell Biology-Bioinformatics-Technology news and online bio-resources.”
  3. Market Research World Developed in the UK but managed as a not-for-profit site, Market Research World has articles and research covering business issues around the world


  4. Wet Feet Everything you need to know about finding your first or next job. Check out what it is like to work for some of the biggest employers around.
  5. Bplans  Mostly a for-profit site, Bplans also includes hundreds of sample business plans, financial calculators and articles.
  6. Interactive Periodic Table Sponsored by the Royal Chemistry Society.
  7. Earth & Sky Science news articles and blog posts focusing on astronomy, earth and life sciences.
  8. Information Please Motto:  “All the knowledge you need.”
  9. Encyclopedia of Life Non-profit, “Global access to knowledge about life on Earth,” scientific, even gives citation tips.
  10. Pronunciation Guide to the SCOTUS For American English speakers unfamiliar with foreign names, this site, developed by Yale law students, has both audio and written help.

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