How you would fare in a post-apocalyptic world? Would you be able to find food, shelter and security? If you were one of a few survivors would you be able to endure the loneliness, boredom and solitude?

The Dog Stars, a debut novel by Peter Heller, explores the response of one man to catastrophe. Following a flu epidemic which claimed the life of his wife and most of the world, Hig survives with the help of his neighbor, Bangley. But where Hig is compassionate Bangley is callous. And despite Hig’s compassion, he must defend his home and Bangley’s in forceful and violent ways. The two form a bond protecting them against marauding remnants of humanity. Hig, a pilot, with his dog Jasper as copilot and companion flies his 1956 Cessna to scout for game as well as intruders. When a chance transmission comes through his radio, Hig is convinced that civilization endures somewhere if he could just carry enough fuel to get him there. Deciding to venture past the point of no return (the point where he does not have enough fuel for a return journey) Hig leaves the security of home and Bangley to determine if there are indeed survivors who are able to maintain an air field and the possibility that civilization has not completely collapsed.

The Dog Stars 336 pages

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