One of the best film blogs on the web is, the official blog for Turner Classic Movies. The term Morlocks refers to the subterranean creatures first introduced by H. G. Wells in his novel The Time Machine and later brought to life on the screen by the film. The site features an eclectic mix of these “morlocks;” regular writers who cover a wide variety of film related topics. Each brings their own personality, interest and expertise to their articles and all share a passion for film that comes through in their writing.

Some entries can be lighthearted, such as this one on Walt Disney’s obsession with the Grim Reaper.  There are some that deal in nostalgia such as this delightful and informative entry on the Let’s all go to the Lobby advertisement.

The Movie Morlocks blog also offers in-depth profiles of film personalities. People as diverse as actress Dorothy McGuire, actor William Fichtner, and exotic singer and actress Yma Sumac. Notable filmmakers such as Frank Borzage and Ray Harryhausen are also included. An article on actress Kay Francis includes an extensive interview with her biographer Scott O’Brien. In another entry, noted film critic David Thomson is interviewed about his new book Have You Seen…?

The Morlocks are avid film reviewers. Anything from Jean Negulesco’s noir drama Road House, or George Romero’s horror classic Night of the Living Dead, to the obscure early science fiction film The Tunnel.  It’s impossible to list the variety of topics covered: film festivals, old movie theaters, foreign film poster art. It’s even possible to find local connections. An article about Art House Cinema focuses mainly on the old Lee Art Theater in Richmond’s Fan District. has a searchable archive for narrowing in on subject matter. There is also a list of links to other film sites that may be of interest.  If you are a fan of film, check out this site. I guarantee you will find something that will draw you in to the Morlock’s lair.

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    Thanks for the info, I like this kind of movies.

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