High gas prices put a dent in your caribbean vacation budget? Need a weekend away from home, but not TOO far from home? Get outside NEARBY.

Shenandoah National Park is in Richmond’s backyard; part of the 2100+ mile Appalachian Trail winds through Virginia’s mountains. Hiking is healthy, simple, and cheap.

What can hiking do for you?

  • Improve fitness
  • Combat stress and “nature-deficit disorder” (from Last Child in the Woods)
  • See wildlife (Look, a BEAR!)
  • Combine with related activities like Geocaching and Trail Running
  • Breathe the fresh air and feel GREAT

Hiking resources: books

60 hikes in 60 miles: Richmond Nathan Lot (staff favorite!)

Exploring the Appalachian Trail: Hikes in the Virginias David Lillard

The GPS Handbook Robert Egbert

Guide To Wilderness Survival Richard Johnson

The Joy of Geocaching Paul Gillin

Last Child in the Woods Richard Louv (Explains nature-deficit disorder, great for adults too)

Hiking resources: web


Hiking Upward: Hiking in Virginia & WestVirginia (great for trail notes/reviews and GPS coordinates)

National Parks in Virginia

Virginia State Parks

Get outside and get moving!

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  1. Roger Carr

    Thanks for the list of hiking resources. I live in Fredericksburg and do not have a copy of 60 hikes in 60 miles: Richmond. Looking at the Table of Contents, there are still several hikes within a short driving distance I have not experienced. I am getting the book and planning some hikes from it. Thanks again.

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