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Since it’s inception in 1995 Turner Classic Movies, or TCM for short, has carved a unique niche in cable television.  TCM routinely shows classic films, forgotten gems and low budget programmers from the Golden Age of Hollywood. These are all films that are rarely, if ever shown on any other channel.  TCM’s official website offers a variety of film related information and activities for any film buff.

TCM has a searchable database containing over 150,000 titles.

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Enter the name of a film and get a list of screen credits, a plot synopsis and an upcoming schedule for the film. What makes the database unique is that it draws from multiple sources–including the American Film Institute catalog. Visual archives are available for many titles; much of this material was acquired from studio film libraries purchased by Turner and is not available anywhere else. The entry for the film Meet Me in St. Louis is a good example;  look at the display window at the top of the listing to see what is available.  Here you will find set stills, wardrobe and makeup stills as well as theater displays and publicity photos.

The Media Room offers hundreds of film clips, trailers, and the occasional full length film or short. TCM also offers original programming such as interviews with filmmakers and tributes to various classic films and stars. All of this is often available for immediate viewing.

The website also includes film articles, book and movie reviews, and a popular message board for film discussion. You can even suggest films for future broadcast. The channel focuses on several different themes and stars each month; the website provides more in depth articles about these topics.  The site design is an appealing retro style in keeping with the channel’s classic theme.

Whether you are a classic film buff or just interested in film, can be an interesting and valuable resource.

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  1. Wolfman Online

    Ginger Snaps, is another good one. But this is one of the best. Howling make-up FX was good, but movie is outdated and sucks. American Were-Wolf in London is ok Wolf-Still a good movie. But this is one a werewolf movie should be. Lots of gore, action, were-wolf fight.

  2. Emily Kirby

    I watch TCM a lot and have never given thought to checking out the website. I will have to do that, thanks for the info!

  3. Dana92

    On the flip side of the coin, another website that I really like is all about movies that haven’t been released yet. provides a huge list of movies as they get announced and keeps track of them as they wind their way through production. Some of the projects that get announced are so bizarre and never will see the light of day.

    Thanks for the information about TCM’s website. It looks like a good resource to use that’s supplemental to imdb.

  4. Suzanne

    Fantastic recommendation! I sometimes want a movie to be released I will “stalk” it online, see how much longer I will have to wait. Now I have another tool for that….!

  5. Anonymous

    TCM brings you an extensive collection of Hollywood movie greats as well as contemporary classics from all film genres and decades.

  6. Anonymous

    who doesn’t love TCM, best stuff is the old stuff before special effects got out of hand. It was the acting that made these great movies and now to have them all on one channel is tremendous….

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