The print system in the library got some upgrades over the summer. Here is a rundown of the new changes:

  1. Add funds with a debit or credit card! You asked and we (meaning our IT department) answered. Students can now add funds to their printing account online using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Prefer cash? No problem. The cash method is still available.
  2. Log into the printer with your MyTyler information. Forget your student ID card in the car? Don’t panic. Simply use the alternate method of signing into the printer.
  3. You see only your documents at the printer. Gone is the list of all upcoming print jobs. You see, select, and print only documents you uploaded.

New to printing? Follow these easy steps to print from a library computer:

  1. Make sure your document is saved to the computer somewhere. Desktop, Downloads, and Documents are all great choices.
  2. Click the Pharos PrintCenter icon (it looks like a blank piece of paper).
  3. Log in with your MyTyler information.
  4. Upload your document.
  5. Change any print settings by selecting the document in the list and using the options on the lower-right.
  6. Walk to the printer and swipe your student ID card (or enter your MyTyler info!).
  7. Choose to either
    1. Print All when your document title appears.
    2. OR Select your documents individually and choose Print. (**Do not select your documents and choose Print All. The system may double-charge your account.)

Don’t hesitate to ask library staff for help.

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