Minding Baby, Cherry Hill c. 1890 by Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis was a reformer, journalist and photographer who lived and worked at the turn of the 20th century. His stories and photographs chronicled the desperate poverty of tenement dwellers. Riis’s work brought the hidden world of urban slums to middle class eyes–and to those of political leaders like Theodore Roosevelt. His work led to reforms in building codes, child labor laws, and schools.

Read the book–and see the fascinating photographs–for yourself. How the Other Half Lives is full of real-life details told in a straighforward style. It also contains the tenement photographs for which Riis is famous.

Riis work How the Other Half Lives (1890) is available as an eBook through PsychNET. Find the PsychNET materials on the databases page under the Psychology section.

Other vintage eBook titles include:

  • Twenty-five Years with the Insane by Daniel Putnam (1885)
  • The Curse of the World: Narcotics: Why used, what effects, the remedy  by Daniel Wilkins (1887)
  • Apparitions and thought-transference: An examination of the evidence for telepathy by Frank Podmore (1894)


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