Appliqued Quilt, african american

Appliqued Quilt, African American

Most people living in Virginia have visited Colonial Williamsburg. Some were dragged as fourth graders, others visited as amateur historians, others breezed through on the way to the outlet malls. But Williamsburg is not just the Governor’s Mansion and Duke of Gloucester Street; the foundation also owns a large collection of antiques which are rarely on display. These 60,000 objects are the stars of Colonial Williamsburg’s new eMuseum.

The online collection includes ceramics, art, costumes, textiles, furniture, prints, maps and firearms from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Each item has a photo, a detailed description, and a date. The collection is indexed, making directed searches possible.

A search on “art” brought this fantastic quilt from the turn of the 20th century, described as an “expressive collage” of braids, beads and lampshade pulls. Because of their fragility, textiles are rarely displayed in museums. But online one can view bedspreads, embroidered clothing, and delicate gowns in great detail (all without leaving the comfort of the computer desk.) Firearms and silver pieces also feature prominently in the collection.

Experience history in a new way through Colonial Williamsburg’s eMuseum.

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