The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) is a consortium of Virginia’s non-profit, academic libraries that provide access online databases and research materials for member institutions.  Since inception, VIVA strives to level the academic playing field by providing essential education resources to member institutions.  John Tyler Community College’s Libraries are proud VIVA members!  VIVA allows the Tyler Libraries to provide a myriad of academic materials and collections to our students and faculty without incurring the financial burden of paying for these resources individually.  Now VIVA is tackling a different financial hurdle, textbooks. This wonderful consortium is now focusing on saving students money by creating the VIVA Open Textbook Network and become a member of nationwide, Open Education Resources (OERs) sharing initiatives.

The VIVA Open Textbook Network started as a pilot program in 2017.   With the average textbook costs for students looming at $1,300 per year, VIVA recognized that these high costs may create an academic disadvantage to those who could not afford these prices.  VIVA OTN worked with library leaders throughout the state to educate faculty on the value of open education materials.  Through these workshops and training programs, faculty learned how student success is directly affected by ensuring that ALL student, no matter their situation or means, have equitable access to the learning materials needed.

With an initial investment of $24,000, VIVA achieved the following:

VIVA will be expanding the OTN program to reach more members and provide access to more learning materials. For the complete press release on the VIVA OTN program please visit:

Want to learn more about programs like VIVA’s OTN and other OERs?  Contact the Tyler Libraries’ Open Education Resources and Instruction Librarian, Lisa Payne at

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