Tuesday’s the day – get out and vote!  Election officials are forecasting a record turnout, so allow extra time in case you face a line at the polls.  If you are a first time voter and registered to vote by mail, check the State of Virginia website to see what identification you will need to bring to the polls.  If you registered in person and are voting for the first time OR if you’ve voted before, check out the acceptable forms of identification on the State Board of Elections website.  For most people, a picture ID with your current address such as a driver’s license is a safe choice, but check the sites to be sure.

Don’t know where to vote?  There’s an easy way to check.  Enter your address and the city or county in which you live on this State of Virginia page and your polling place will be displayed.

Rumors about challenges to voters have been all over the web.  Don’t be put off by them!  If is sounds odd, it probably is wrong.  You CAN vote even if you have an unpaid parking ticket – believe it or not, that’s one of the rumors.

Heads up:  don’t wear that McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden t-shirt to the polls, or if you do, keep your coat zipped up.  The State Board of Elections voted on October 14, 2008 to bar campaign buttons, shirts and other paraphernalia inside voting areas.  Guys, it might be a little chilly if you had to lose the shirt to exercise your constitutional right to vote! Girls, don’t even go there.

Bottom line:  Here’s our chance to be heard.  Take that opportunity and VOTE!

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