Have you ever seen this “quote?”Full of misinformation, out-right untruths, and deception, the internet can also be a source of facts and information to support the research you do for both college and in your personal life. But how do you tell the difference? And are some websites more reliable than others?

The John Tyler Community College Library can help you in your search for trustworthy information.  We have tips on our web page for evaluating websites.  There is much more to web researching than Wikipedia or even Google Scholar so we have gathered lots of reliable, worthwhile sites that you can find under our Delicious link. For an in-depth look at web researching try the “Hanging Ten on the Web: How to Effectively Research Online” workshop to be given at the Chester campus library Wednesday, February 29th from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in room B104. And finally, don’t forget to come and see us in person—we are always here to help you with your research!

Image from http://www.icanhasinternets.com/2011/04/words-of-wisdom-from-abraham-lincoln/internet-quotes/

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