Would you be surprised to learn that here at Library Space we occasionally have trouble finding something to read; something, that is, that just fits our reading mood? Luckily, the internet with its vast resources can help. Here are three sites you can take advantage of when you have trouble deciding on your next book:

  • Whatshouldireadnext.com: Enter the title of a book you have enjoyed and get back a lengthy list of recommended titles based on the entered book. Each title comes with subject heading such as “social life and customs,” “married people,” “Australia,” etc. Although some just have “fiction” or “men.” Compile a list of books you like to increase accuracy. To get more information on each title you are directed to Amazon.what should I read next










  • Goodreads: Like whatshouldireadnext.com, Goodreads allows users to join for free and build lists of favorite books. Promoted as a social networking site, Goodreads encourages users to rate and review books. Based on your ratings Goodreads will offer recommendations plus an explanation of why the recommendation was made. Every title on Goodreads has a complete description of the book and user reviews.goodreads log-in screen










  • Whichbook from Openingthebook.com: Rate how important up to four of twelve appeal factors are to you to get recommendations. Appeal factors include “gentle/violent,” “funny/sad,” “short/long.” Or get recommendations based on character, plot and setting. Results include descriptions plus a “borrow” link that will guide you to WorldCat so you can see what libraries own it.which book

But don’t forget the old fashioned method of finding out about good books—ask your librarian! We love to talk about what we are reading.

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