Webtastic Wednesdays- Bookless Libraries?  Florida Polytechnic Says YES!


Did you ever think you would hear of a bookless library?  Book lovers should brace themselves- they are starting to become the new trend.

Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, Florida is the most recent library to add to the list of book-free institutions.  Instead of vast collections of printed materials, this library has over 135,000 items available in ebook format.  The newest university in Florida has replaced book shelves with computers, student work space, and collaborative areas.  Students still have librarians available to help and still have access to printed materials via the university’s Interlibrary Loan program, but the library itself does not house any printed collections.  In addition to some traditional library services, FL Polytechnic also boasts a demand driven purchasing system that automatically buys e-books the library does not own when the book is viewed twice.  While it is a different way of thinking of library collections, the mission is the same- to help students find and disseminate information, only this time it is 100% virtual.

The reasoning behind the bookless library is the curriculum of Florida Polytechnic.  The university believes that students studying mathematics, engineering, sciences, and technology should experience the most cutting edge technology to best prepare them for their career or field of study.  This hands-on learning experience will help develop the skills needed to perform best in their work environments.

Want more information on the new library at Florida Polytechnic or interested in other book-free libraries?  Check out some of the articles available from these news sources:

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