What’s all the pink about?

October is all about awareness. Help the John Tyler libraries spread consciousness by learning more National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM).

It’s more than wearing pink, its helping others learn about this disease and how to overcome this challenging diagnosis. Every October, NBCAM partners with health and research associations, government agencies, and other supporting organizations to bring awareness and information to a disease affecting the lives of so many. Just this year, the United States will lose 39,000 people to this disease and add over 230,000 new patients (American Cancer Society, 2013).

Information from NBCAM and other sponsors is not limited to breast cancer patients, it’s for everyone. From patients, to survivors, to supporters, everyone dealing with this illness can rally together and find help through this wonderful organization and their resources. To find the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month site, visit NBCAM.org and find more information about their organization and affiliates.

For more information available at the JTCC libraries, check out some of our resources- both online and in person!

American Cancer Society. (2013) Cancer facts and figures 2013. Atlanta, GA:
American Cancer Society.



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