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Nurse Aide/Medication Aide CSC

The template below is for students declaring a major for the catalog year 2018-19. The Advising Sheet Archive contains printable advising sheets for the catalog years 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19. Students already with a declared major should view their advising report in SIS for appropriate course selection.

Career Studies Certificate (CSC)

C Career & technical education programs for job training = Career & technical education programs for job training, guided by Advisory Committees


The Nurse Aide/Medication Aide Career Studies Certificate is designed to provide entry-level training for nurse aides and for occupational progression to become a Medication Aide. This program prepares students for the Virginia Board of Nursing's occupational exams for Certified Nursing Assistant and Registered Medication Aide.


Program Requirements and Special Conditions

  1. Students must meet JTCC admission requirements.
  2. Students must be able to fulfill all essential functions as outlined in the program materials located on the web site.
  3. Before enrolling in HCT 101 & HCT 102 all students must have current CPR certification through the American Heart Association: BLS Healthcare Provider. Internet courses are not acceptable unless there is a supervised demonstration component.
  4. Once enrolled in HCT 101 & HCT 102, students must submit to a criminal background check, drug screening. Results of screenings must be available and evaluated as satisfactory by the dates provided at the time of enrollment. Students who fail to meet this requirement will not be allowed to enroll in HCT 101 and HCT 102.
  5. The criminal background and urine drug screening requirements are conducted by an independent company not associated with JTCC and is considered to be part of the expenses students are responsible for prior to enrolling in HCT 101 and HCT 102.This process can take 30 days to complete. Students should contact the nursing department at 804-6228-700 and refer to the NA Student Handbook for more information.
  6. The program requires additional expenditures for the student’s health assessment, immunizations, urine drug screen, criminal background check, CPR certification, student liability, uniforms, supplies, and equipment, which are required for clinical assignments in HCT 101 and HCT 102.
  7. A prospective student with a felony/misdemeanor conviction needs to see the HCT course instructor/program advisor. Certain convictions will prevent an individual from being certified as a nurse aide in Virginia and other states.
  8. To become a certified nurse aide (CNA), a student must satisfactorily complete HCT 101 and HCT 102 and pass a national exam that includes both written and practical components.
  9. To enroll in HCT 115, students must be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).
  10. To become a Medication Aide a student must satisfactorily have passed the CNA exam and the PSI Medication Aide exam.

printer iconPrintable Advising Sheet

Required Courses CR. Pre-requisite Courses Co-requisite Courses Approved Course Substitutions
HLT 143 Medical Terminology 3      
HCT 101 Health Care Technician I 3 See Note 1 HCT 102  
HCT 102 Health Care Technician II 4 See Note 1 HCT 101  
MILESTONE: Eligible to Sit for Certified Nursing Assistant Exam
HCT 115 Medication Administration Training 3 HCT 101, HCT 102, See Notes 2 and 3 HCT 190  
HCT 190 Coordinated Internship 2 HCT 101, HCT 102, See Notes 2 and 3 HCT 115  
NUR 31 Advanced Skills for Nurse Aide 2 HCT 101, HCT 102, See Notes 1 and 2    
MILESTONE: Eligible to Sit for the Medication Aide Exam
Total Minimum Credits to Complete 17  


  1. Students must be able to pass background check and drug screen before taking HCT 101 and HCT 102. These courses must be taken concurrently.
  2. Students cannot register for HCT 115, HCT 190, or NUR 31 until they have successfully passed the CNA certification exam.
  3. Students who are already Certified Nursing Assistants in Virginia maybe considered for credit for prior learning and eligible to enroll in HCT 115, HCT 190, and NUR 31.
  4. Students are eligible to take the PSI Medication Aide exam after completion of HCT 115 and HCT 190.

Additional Resources

Your Right to Know

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia requires colleges to provide information on graduation rates. The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to publish gainful employment consumer information for career/technical programs.

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