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Student Information System FAQs

I just registered for my class, and when I go to pay my tuition online, it states I have, “no charges due at this time.” What does this mean?

This indicates that your user preferences may be set to another VCCS institution. To update your user preferences, please view the how to update your user preferences tutorial.

Where do I view my final grades?

Student view their final grades through the Student Information System. For assistance on how to view your grades in the Student Information System, see the how to view grades tutorial.

I requested an official transcript online, but I never received my transcript. What happened?

Students cannot request their official transcript online. There is an option available on the Student Information System; however, John Tyler Community College does not utilize this feature. Learn how to request your official transcript.

Where do I go to enroll in classes online?

Students can enroll in classes online through the Student Information System. To learn more how to enroll in your classes online, please view the how to add a class tutorial.

I am not able to drop my class(es) online. Why?

Students are unable to drop a class online after the date to drop a class with a refund. Please review the academic calendar. To drop a class you will need to either stop by the Office of Admissions and Records, send an e-mail to from your college e-mail account, or fax an Add/Drop Form to the Office of Admissions and Records at 804 -796-4362 (Chester) or 804-594-1543 (Midlothian).


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