From the moment he started working in the EMS field, Austin Mostoller knew he had found his calling.

And, when he was ready to advance his career, he knew where to turn: Tyler.

Austin wanted hands-on, team-based experiences that would challenge him. He wanted to learn not just the basics of patient care, but also how to negotiate complex and demanding situations wrought with tension and emotion. He wanted education that mirrored what he would face in the field.

“At Tyler, we’re taught a really high level, and that’s definitely opened up a world of possibilities. Tyler prepared me to make a positive impact, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Now, Austin is a highly skilled, nationally registered paramedic serving a vital role in our community and saving lives.

"It's absolutely necessary to get that hands-on experience. At Tyler, we're working with our teammates, just like we're treating a real patient."

Austin Mostoller