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Next Up: Senior Analyst

“I didn’t believe that I could go on to a four-year university. But after just a few weeks at John Tyler, I believed I could do it — and I did it.”

Originally from Guatemala, Geovany Chavarria is the first in his family to graduate from college. Initially intimidated by a four-year university, Geovany’s connections at Tyler helped him reimagine what was possible for his future and include a bachelor’s degree in his career plan.

After transferring to the University of Virginia, he studied international business in six different countries, gaining a multifaceted perspective of business that fuels his job as a senior analyst today.

"I think my biggest discovery was the fact that I could do it,” Geovany said. “I didn’t believe that I could go on to a four-year university. But after just a few weeks at John Tyler, I believed I could do it — and I did it.”

Here’s how Tyler helped him dream bigger:

Get involved on campus

In his first class, Geovany’s professor recognized his budding leadership qualities right away, and she encouraged him to apply to become a student ambassador.

Serving in that role was his entry into other campus leadership. He presented to donors, attended outreach and recruitment events, assisted students with the enrollment process, and resurrected the Latin American Cultural Club.

“I started making those initial relationships that are very easy to make at John Tyler because the faculty and staff want to see you succeed,” Geovany said. “That's how I became involved.”

Go after what you really want

His newfound leadership skills helped him the most when he moved to Charlottesville to attend UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce, which he had connected with at a Tyler recruitment fair.

“Making a transition to a four-year university, farther away from my community, was very difficult,” Geovany said. “Having that initial practice at Tyler helped me deal with challenges of balancing a social life with a demanding course load.”

At UVA, he explored all sides of business, specializing in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and real estate. He won three scholarships to study business in England, Switzerland, Germany, India and the United Arab Emirates.

“I learned how governments play different roles in finance and marketing — what frugal innovation means to Indians, what consumption means in the UAE, how Europe and different financial centers affect the global economy,” Geovany said. “I increased my adaptability to different environments and cultures, and gained a broader perspective of what globalization really means.”

Gain marketable skills employers value

Now a graduate of Tyler and UVA, Geovany is using his diverse skill set as a senior analyst with a commercial lending firm. He touches multiple areas of business, including data management, underwriting, compliance, research, marketing and communications.

“When I was doing my career search at UVA, I wanted to go somewhere that was small and family-oriented,” Geovany said. “Here I’m able to continue exploring what I can excel at and what interests me. I’ve really continued to grow as a well-rounded person.”

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