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Online Payment System: Enterprise

Online Payment System: Enterprise

Enterprise allows users to make an online payment by Visa or MasterCard through the Student Information System in myTyler.

To access Enterprise:

  1. Log on to myTyler and click on SIS (Student Information System)
  2. Click on Self-Service, then Student Center
  3. Under Finances, click on the “Make a Payment” link
  4. From SIS, you will be taken to the Enterprise landing page.
  5. The first time you visit the Enterprise system, you will have to create an account.

Make a Payment
Once your account has been created, click on the green “Make a Payment” button.

Each term that has an outstanding balance will display with the amount due for that term. You will enter the amount you want to pay for each term. After the amount is entered, click “Next – Payment Method”.

Payment Method
The first time you make a payment in Enterprise, you will need to enter credit card or bank account information for the payment. You can choose to save that information for future use. Once you have entered/confirmed the billing information, you will click the button “Pay - $XXX.XX Now” The amount will populate with the payment amount.

When the payment is processed, you will be taken to the Receipt page where a confirmation of your transaction will be displayed.


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