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Declaring a Major Request

Form cannot be submitted if it is incomplete. All fields (except additional information) must be completed. Students will receive a response from an advisor within 3 business days.


Nursing Students: Students who wish to apply to the Nursing Program at John Tyler Community College should indicate they wish to be placed in the Health Sciences major to complete the prerequisites required for the Nursing Application.

After the regular sessions drop with a refund deadline has passed, students receiving financial aid for their current major cannot change majors for the current term. The major change will be made for the next semester.

Do you want to be advised?

Do you plan to transfer after attending
John Tyler Community College?

Read the Student Responsibilities and agree to do the following:
  • Contact your faculty advisor prior to your next registration for classes.
  • Periodically check your Advisement Report on myTyler (online) to confirm your academic progress and the acceptance of any transfer credits.
  • Regularly meet or communicate with your faculty advisor to ensure that you are enrolling in the appropriate course.
  • Complete SDV 100-College Success Skills within the first 15 credits of enrolling at John Tyler Community College.
  • Apply for graduation in accordance with posted College Deadlines. Apply for Graduation online through the myTyler portal by going to: Student Information System>Student Center>Apply for Graduation. You may also obtain an Application for Graduation from your advisor or from the Admissions and Records Office.



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