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In-Person Testing Request Form

Appointments for in-person testing will be limited during the summer, 2020. We ask that only students who are having issues taking their test remotely due to technology or connectivity issues as well as students who need to take specialty tests, specifically the CLEP, TEAS, or ITE 115 Test-Out, contact us for in person testing. Safety practices, based on governmental mandates and recommendations from the CDC, will be followed throughout the testing process. These practices include, but are not limited to, observing social distancing (minimum of six feet between people) and wearing of face masks.

Please fill out the following at least 72 hours prior to your desired testing time and with all correct information as we will need to contact your professor to setup the exam.

Preferred dates and times to test (Testing is offered in a limited capacity Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm; be sure to select a time that gives you the necessary time to complete the exam by 6pm; at 6pm the center will close and all staff and students will need to leave the building):

Which campus do you prefer?



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