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Parking on Campus

For the Fall 2020 Semester:

The college will not issue student parking decals for the Fall 2020 semester. College Security will not issue citations for vehicles parked on Tyler’s campuses unless those vehicles are improperly parked in ADA spaces, fire lanes, loading zones, or no parking/prohibited parking zones or are double parked or blocking entryways and exits.


Tyler offers easy access parking at both of its campuses. While some spaces are marked, most are open for all to use. Parking lot locations are shown on our downloadable campus maps found on our Locations page.

Parking Decals

Tyler provides parking decals to its students, faculty and staff. These decals allow you to showcase your Trailblazer pride, but they also serve an important purpose. They provide valuable information to the college and its security officers should a problem occur in a campus parking area or in the case of an emergency.

Decals should be displayed on the outside of your vehicle’s rear window or on its rear bumper.


Your tuition and fees cover the costs of parking at Tyler. Parking decals for students are issued by Tyler’s Security department.

Your parking decal is good for one year, July 1 – June 30.

To get a parking decal:

  1. Complete the online Parking Decal form. You will need to provide your student ID number; student e-mail address; make, model, and color of your car; and state in which your car is registered.
  2. Bring an official photo ID (your Student ID Card is preferred, but another form of ID such as your driver’s license, military ID, or state ID will be accepted) to campus, and pick up your parking decal from:
    • Chester Campus: Moyar Hall Security Desk (1st floor) and Nicholas Center Security Desk
    • Midlothian Campus:  Administration Building Security Desk (1st floor) and T Building Security Desk (1st floor)

In order to practice social distancing, pay close attention to the signage on the floor indicating appropriate spaces to stand while being served by Security.

Note: When your parking decal expires, follow steps 1 and 2 above to verify or update your vehicle information and to pick up a new decal.

Requesting a decal for additional vehicles:

If you need decals for additional vehicles, you will need to complete an online Parking Decal form for each vehicle. Once you complete the information for your first vehicle, and click on the “Submit” button, you’ll be able to return to the form and enter information for another vehicle. You may have to overwrite information displayed in some fields.

Requesting a decal for a new vehicle:

If you get a new a new vehicle and need a new parking decal, log into the online Parking Decal form, and update your vehicle information. Go to one of the Security desks (listed in step # 2 above) to pick up your decal.

Faculty and Staff

Tyler faculty and staff may find information about employee parking decals in the Human Resources section of the Tyler Ties intranet.


Visitors do not need to obtain a parking decal or pass. Marked visitor spots may be found in some campus lots. If all spaces are full, visitors are welcome to park in an unmarked space.

Parking Rules and Regulations


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