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Testing Centers

Services may be impacted as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Get the latest updates

Due to COVID-19 and the closure of on campus services, many of the tests and testing options we offer are not available at this time.

Please email us with any questions you may have at For specific questions from new students on options for course placement please contact the Advising Center.  

At the Tyler Testing Centers, you can sign up and take the following:

  • Placement Testing:
    • Students who graduated from high school over five years ago should discuss their readiness for college English and math with an advisor. Please contact the Advising Center by phone or email to discuss your options for correct placement without taking a placement test. For more informaiton on the Virginia Placement Test procedures and waivers during this time, please go here.
  • TEAS tests. For more information on TEAS, please contact the Nursing Department
    • All Prospective Nursing Students applying for Fall 2021

      Due to COVID-19: All TEAS testing will be offered virtually and proctored remotely. Testing resumes in the second week of May (May 10-16). You can schedule here. 

      ATI – the creator of TEAS Exam - is partnering with Proctorio to virtually proctor the TEAS Exam, allowing you to take it from nearly anywhere with a strong internet connection. 

      So how does it work? Proctorio is a remote proctoring platform that uses machine learning to proctor students from wherever they may be. The ATI TEAS Exam with Proctorio offers a variety of secure exam settings including video, audio, and screen recording designed to maintain the integrity of the assessment and ensure uncompromised exam results. For more information about the registration process and what you need to take the test, find more information here.

      During this application period, students will be allowed only two attempts to obtain acceptable scores. Any students who have tested previously can still have 2 attempts as long as they do not exceed the “3 attempts in 3 years” requirement. Students are encouraged to use online resources for TEAS preparation through the JTCC Academic Resource Center and the JTCC library. More information about upcoming virtual TEAS workshops will be posted beginning in May. 

  • ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exams to test out of ITE 115: Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts.

    CLEP and ITE Testout Schedule Registration Form »
  • Post tests for virtual MTE (Math Essentials) courses.
  • Online and hybrid course exams and assessments are currently being proctored through your Canvas course with the use of Respondus monitor; reach to your instructor should you have any issues.
    • During the regular semester, you can schedule your exams here.​

  • Due to the campus closure, we are unable to administer CLEP exams at this time. We hope that CLEP is able to provide this service remotely in the weeks to come, please check back here for more informaiton or email the testing center. Typically CLEP tests are avaialble to receive college credit by earning qualifying scores on any one or more of the 35 CLEP examinations.

    CLEP and ITE Testout Schedule Registration Form »

Feel free to contact us by emailing the Testing Center at or call:

  • Midlothian Testing Center: (804) 594-1555
  • Chester Testing Center: (804) 706-5234

Testing Center Procedures

Students will need to bring their student ID number with them to the Testing Center. ID numbers can be found by logging into SIS.
Current photo identification. Requirements for photo ID include:

  • John Tyler College ID with photo. Other college IDs are also acceptable.
  • U.S. DMV issued photo IDs.
  • U.S. Passports with photo and valid date.
  • Non-US students with a foreign passport must have documentation in English.
  • Military ID with photo.

For students taking the Virginia Placements Tests, you will first need to complete a John Tyler Community College Application.

Please note

  • Accuplacer tests must be started 3 hours prior to closing.
  • Virginia Placement Tests for English and Math must be started 2.5 hours prior to closing.
  • All academic exams must be started at least 1 hour prior to closing, unless special circumstances have been approved by the Testing Center.

We will make every attempt to have the test you need, when you need it. Allow yourself sufficient time for testing and enough time for us to serve you well.

Appointments for In-Person Testing

Appointments for in-person testing will be limited during the summer, 2020. We ask that only students who are having issues taking their test remotely due to technology or connectivity issues as well as students who need to take specialty tests, specifically the CLEP, TEAS, or ITE 115 Test-Out, contact us for in person testing. Safety practices, based on governmental mandates and recommendations from the CDC, will be followed throughout the testing process. These practices include, but are not limited to, observing social distancing (minimum of six feet between people) and wearing of face masks.

Please fill out the following at least 72 hours prior to your desired testing time and with all correct information as we will need to contact your professor to setup the exam.

In-Person Testing Request Form »

Hours and Locations

Chester Campus

Trailer B1 & B2 (behind Moyar and Bird Halls)
Mondays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Thursdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fridays: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Midlothian Campus

T Building - Room T215
Mondays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Thursdays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fridays: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Testing Center room restrictions

  • Only testers are allowed in the testing room.
  • Children are not permitted in the testing area; please make other arrangements before coming to test.
  • All belongings must be placed in an available locker or left in your car. Locker space is limited, so we suggest only bringing those items your need to take the test.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the testing center.
  • All outside garments (i.e. coats/jackets, hats, scarves) and weather apparel (sunglasses, gloves) must be removed and placed in the area designated by the proctor, however, provisions can be made for specific religious/cultural apparel.
  • You may not have any electronic or recording devices at your desk, in your pockets, (or anywhere you can reach them during testing, even if they are turned off or you do not use them.
  • It is strongly recommended that you lock all of your belongings in your vehicle prior to testing.
  • You may not leave the room during your test session. [Proctor must be notified, or test will be closed.]
  • Monitoring software will be used to view your desktop while you are taking a test.
  • A snapshot can be taken of your monitor screen for incident reporting.
  • On rare occasions, power outages, server outages, or weather problems can and do close us without warning when we least expect it. We recommend that you plan to take your tests well in advance before you need them.

During the final examination period, the Testing Services Department may announce an extension of testing hours. Watch this space for details.


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