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Success Stories

Double Diplomas

Posted on May 29, 2014

Picture of Amelia High School Students

Seven Amelia County High School students marked a first for John Tyler Community College when they crossed the stage as part of the Class of 2014. They became the first cohort of high school students to graduate from the College with a career studies certificate in Basic Precision Machining Technology. Their graduations from college come about a month before they celebrate their high school graduations.

For the past two years during the fall and spring semesters, Anthony Bickley; William Clements, III; Andrew Collins; Wilson “Will” Morgan; Billy Phillips, III; Seth Roberts; and Ricky White spent two hours a day, four days a week at the Chester Campus, building the skill sets needed to be competitive in the in-demand field of advanced manufacturing. They have gone through the rigors of Tyler’s program, honing their abilities in manual and automated machining. All seven earned National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certifications, which are nationally recognized industry credentials. Each of the students earned at least one NIMS certification; some earned three.

Melinda Miller, interim associate dean of the Division of Engineering, Business and Public Services at Tyler, says learning these skills while in high school gives students a big advantage. “A lot of what’s happening in the economy in Virginia and in the country is bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., so we need those skills here. Getting these skills and earning industry credentials while in high school puts these students way ahead. It makes them marketable.”

Sharing their perspective on the program and graduation in this video, members of this cohort are now ready to take what they’ve learned at Tyler and make their futures happen.

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