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Success Stories

Making College Memorable

Posted on April 22, 2016

Picture of Brandon Johnson

College is meant to be memorable. With his involvement in a variety of student activities, Brandon Johnson made his time at Tyler something to remember.

With an interest in writing short stories, Johnson entered competitions like Tyler’s Sherwood Forest Art & Literary Competition. In 2015, his entry won an honorable mention in fiction. In 2016, Johnson won first place in fiction. “Realizing that you’re writing something that someone else would like to read is amazing,” says Johnson of his latest win.

Johnson, who is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, was also published in the society’s 2015 literary anthology, Nota Bene. This anthology showcases excellence in writing among two-year college students from across the country.

“Tyler’s English classes taught me how to hone my writing style,” says Johnson. Stretching himself beyond writing for assignments or competitions, he took the skills learned in class to the Tyler’s Writing Center where he worked as a tutor. Johnson also expanded his people skills and became more outgoing through his involvement in College events like Fool For Art, Founders Day and New Student Orientation and student organizations like the Origami Club, Creative Writing Club and others.

Johnson, who graduated from Tyler in Fall 2015, is now at the University of Richmond (UR) as a Rhetoric and Communication Studies major. Thanks to all the transfer credits earned at Tyler, Johnson entered UR as a junior and was able to dive immediately into his major’s classes. This, plus the money saved on his freshman and sophomore classes make Tyler a “smart choice” according to Johnson.

He plans to graduate UR with the Class of 2017. After college, Johnson hopes to work in public relations or in an academic setting.

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