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Gloria Horne

A Dream to Help Others

Posted on March 10, 2015

Picture of Gloria Horne

Gloria Horne says John Tyler Community College is helping her live her dream. After working for years in the retail industry, she is back in college, studying to become a nurse. Horne, a wife, mother and grandmother, says she always wanted a career in which she could help people. She decided to pursue a nursing career after observing the care and compassion offered by the hospice nurses who cared for her mother. She decided to attend John Tyler, so she enrolled and immersed herself in her studies and in student life. Horne is a scholarship recipient, member of the Chemistry Club and attended the Student Leadership Conference. And, she hopes to start an organization specifically for older students, to help them transition into college life. Tyler offers an abundance of resources, and Horne wants to make sure students understand what’s available to them – especially if it’s been several years since they’ve been in class. Once she graduates from Tyler, she wants to begin working as a nurse, and she hopes to transfer to Old Dominion University to complete a bachelor’s degree through the university’s distance education program.

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