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Success Stories

Courage to Dream Big

Posted on May 15, 2015

Picture of Hanna Lamphere

Hanna Lamphere wants to help children realize their potential the way others have helped her discover hers. She wants to do that by becoming a teacher, then a school counselor, and eventually a school principal.

Hanna’s path to realizing her dream took an unexpected turn when she decided to leave the four-year college that she had enrolled in right out of high school. She said she felt in over her head and was left frustrated by the experience. After taking a few years off from school, Hannah realized it was time to refocus her efforts. She wanted a college education, so, she signed up for classes at John Tyler.

Hanna says Tyler’s faculty and staff inspire her to push herself. And thanks to that encouragement, Hanna says she’s become more confident in her abilities, and she’s gained the courage to dream big. “I think about how JTCC has prepared me to walk confidently into the next chapter of my life,” says Hanna. “Tyler has been such a profound part of my life and I am so grateful for the experiences I had here."

After earning her degree at Tyler, she plans to transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University to complete a bachelor’s degree. She eventually wants to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate degree.

Hear more from Hanna in the video Snapshots of the Class of 2015.

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