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Posted on May 15, 2015

Picture of Jé Mira Johnson

Jé Mira Johnson likes a good challenge. That’s why she’s pursuing a career in business. As one of eight children, sticking to a budget is important. So, with an eye toward finances, she opted to make John Tyler Community College the first stop in her college career.

Tyler’s flexible course schedule; approachable faculty, staff and administrators; resources; and student activities surprised Jé Mira. She says Tyler helped her get an internship with the Chesterfield Chamber, where she gained valuable hands-on, real-world skills. Jé Mira says thanks to her experiences at Tyler, she feels prepared for the next steps in her education and for her future career. “I feel like I am another step closer to achieving my dreams, and I didn't need to take out any loans to do it!”

After graduation, Jé Mira hopes to continue her education at George Mason University.

Hear more from Je’Mira in the video Snapshots of the Class of 2015.

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