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Success Stories

Photo-Finish for Mother-Daughter Duo

Posted on June 27, 2014

Picture of Leslie and Emma Prigge

For a mother, what could be sweeter than watching her daughter graduate from college? Graduating with her.

Leslie Prigge, the wife of a Fort Lee solider, earned her GED just before her daughter, Emma, graduated from high school. With a shared love of art and the desire to pursue careers in photography, the two decided to go to college and began to explore their options. Leslie and Emma knew they had a new deployment ahead of them and limited time to earn their associate degrees. After a visit to the education center at Fort Lee, the pair discovered John Tyler Community College and its two-year degree in visual arts. They signed up for classes using G.I. Bill benefits and immersed themselves in the program.

In May 2014, Leslie and Emma graduated with degrees from Tyler's Visual Arts program. At the College’s commencement ceremony, mother and daughter crossed the stage — one right behind the other— and, cheered each other on.

That day carried special meaning for both, as this video highlights. Proud of herself and her daughter, Leslie explains, “This time, I’ll actually get to achieve a bigger goal of finishing college and walking across the stage. And, I’ll also get to do it with my daughter. That makes it so much better.”

Now, Leslie and Emma are focused on their new goal: starting careers as photographers.

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