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Success Stories

Jump-Starting A College Education

Posted on April 22, 2014

Picture of Luke Griles

Luke Griles enjoys exploring new opportunities, and he says that’s what John Tyler Community College is allowing him do.

Griles, who was home-schooled, enrolled in John Tyler as a concurrent student in the fall of 2012, so he could jump-start his college education. He says the College was a good choice for him. It came highly recommended by his friends, was convenient to his home in Amelia County, and offered classes in a variety of formats.

When he first started his classes, Griles wasn’t sure what to expect. But, Tyler the faculty did a great job of helping him transition into college-level work. The experience inspired him to continue his education at JTCC.

Now, Griles is working on earning a Liberal Arts degree with a specialization in communications. At the same time, he’s very active in the College’s Disciples of Christ Club and the Student Council. Luke calls his time at John Tyler an “excellent experience,” one that is helping him prepare for the next leg of his education.

Griles plans to transfer to a four-year university after graduating from JTCC. He wants to study psychology, and, perhaps, earn a doctorate so that he can go into counseling and help others.

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