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Nik Grimsley


Posted on April 06, 2014

Picture of Nik Grimsley

Nik Grimsley knows that he wants to work in business. In fact, he’s already trying his hand at ownership by operating an online company. But, Grimsley is thinking bigger and says he sees himself eventually starting a major business.

Before he does that, though, he wanted to get a solid education that will teach him the skills he needs to be successful.

Grimsley didn’t want to go into debt to go to school, so he researched his options and found John Tyler Community College to be a smart financial choice. Grimsley says John Tyler gives him a top-notch education by providing him with faculty who have different backgrounds, who are connected to the real world, and who want their students to move into successful careers.

In May 2014, Grimsley graduated with his associate degree in Business Administration. He hopes to use a guaranteed transfer agreement to continue his education.

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