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Success Stories

The Right Prescription: Knowledge and Comfort

Posted on September 17, 2014

Picture of Shawn Fenner

Shawn Fenner worked for more than ten years as a writer and editor at a local newspaper, but he felt a strong pull to do something more.  He wanted to be a nurse. Fenner researched his options and chose the Nursing Program at John Tyler Community College.  Fenner described the program as “well-respected in the community,” and the experience delivered.

For Fenner, Tyler’s Nursing Program was challenging and eye-opening. The instructors, his classmates, and his clinical experiences helped him learn the skills necessary to become a nurse and, at the same time, discover more about his own capabilities and interests. “Nursing is about knowledge, but also comfort,” says Fenner. “You want to make people feel as much at ease as possible.”

Fenner graduated from Tyler in 2012, and now, he works at Johnston-Willis Hospital, often during the overnight shift in the Intensive Care Unit.  Patients, families, and coworkers frequently praise Fenner’s dedication to his work, and in March 2014, he was recognized with a Frist Award, the highest award given at Johnston-Willis.  In August 2014, Fenner completed his bachelor’s degree in nursing online through the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Fenner credits much of his current success to his early experiences at Tyler.  In fact, the newsman-turned-nurse felt so strongly about his experience at Tyler that he recently encouraged his son to enroll at the College and established a scholarship for future Tyler students through the John Tyler Community College Foundation

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