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Success Stories

Paying it Forward

Posted on May 23, 2014

Picture of Silvia Garcia

People in Silva Garcia’s life have been kinder and more generous to her than she ever could have expected. 

Garcia was born in Honduras, and as she was growing up, her family stressed the importance of education.  In 2009, Garcia and her father came to the United States.  A short time later, Garcia’s father was deported, and she was left alone.   Eventually, Garcia entered the foster-care system and moved to Virginia, where she began attending Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield.  She worked hard on her courses and her English.  As graduation approached, her teachers strongly recommended John Tyler. 

At Tyler, Garcia had the support of the Great Expectations program, support for which she’s extremely grateful. “I love this college. Everybody here is wonderful. They are always there for me. They’ve helped me with tuition, housing, transportation. They’ve helped me get tutoring support, which I need since English is my second language. My life changed totally when I came here.”

And, she is repaying that kindness the best way she knows how: by being a light for others. She regularly reaches out to other in the Hispanic community and encourages them to come to Tyler to get an education and improve their lives.  She even started a Latin American Culture Club to connect Hispanic students at Tyler. 

Garcia is working on her pre-nursing courses so that she can apply to Tyler’s Nursing Program. But, that’s just the start. After she earns her nursing degree and gets some work experience, she plans to start medical school. Her top choice? Johns Hopkins.

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