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Success Stories

Medical Mission in Honduras

Posted on April 21, 2015

Picture of Tyler Nursing Students

Four students from the Nursing Program at John Tyler Community College spent spring break caring for children in the remote mountain regions of Central Honduras.

Stacey Randolph, Cora Fearnow, Hannah Alvarez and Stefanie Burch were a part of a 17 person Friends of Barnabas Mountain Medical Mission Team lead by Tyler nursing faculty member Janet Arnold. The nursing students worked with nurses, doctors and support staff from the U.S. and Honduras to provide general medical care to some of the poorest children in the western hemisphere. Many patients had never seen a healthcare provider. Stefanie Burch observed, “It wasn't until I traveled to a place where people are in desperate need of medical help and education that I understood the true significance of the things I've learned and the career I am pursuing.”

The nursing students assisted with health physicals, vision screenings and tooth extractions. They administered vitamin A to prevent blindness and anti-parasite medications, applied fluoride to teeth, and checked blood pressures.  In total, the team cared for 764 medical patients.

“The trip to Honduras was an unforgettable experience,” said Stacey Randolph.  “I believe many of us enter into the nursing profession because we have a motivation to help others.  This was a wonderful opportunity to work to help strengthen communities in Honduras and to bring back what we’ve learned to help our own communities.”

Medical care was not the only service provided. In each community visited, the nursing students found time to blow bubbles, paint fingernails, kick soccer balls, throw frisbees, cuddle babies and read stories with local children. “I never could have imagined how much the people of Honduras would impact me, said Hannah Alvarez. “They taught me to see life from a different perspective, to become grateful for the things that I used to take for granted, and to not worry about the small things in life."

To prepare for the trip, each student raised funds for their own travel expenses and for the medical supplies used during the week.

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